Sunday, June 19, 2011

Minor Fixes

Given my inability to do serious work due to medication, I did 2 minor fixes which were long overdue.

Reworking the Tramming Tool
Wanted to do this for a while. I had the indicators mounted in the front of the holders, which was not inline with the spindle centre. The indicators' tip weren't sweeping along the same path in the previous setup.

Drilling done on the manual mill. The left hole a little off due to miscounting of handwheel turn. The 2nd one is right on the spot.


The tool in use.

Fixing the A2Z Adjustable Tailstock
This purchase has been sitting on my bench for quite a few months. Can't use it because of the threads in the 2 holes on the tailstock. The tailstock is the original from Sherline meant to be used on the mill with rotary table, but modded to use with the adjustable base by A2Z on the lathe. With the threaded holes, the tailstock cannot be fastened onto the adjustable base. So the threads have to go...

It was easier to align the drill to the holes on the manual mill than the drill press. 5mm drill was used to stripped off all the threads, which is the closest without enlarging the holes too much (tried 4.5mm, 4.8mm, and finally 5mm).

The tailstock mounted.

Next was to align it to the headstock - a painful exercise.

View from the top.

From the operator's side.

All done!!!

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Anonymous said...

Gently pinch a razor blade between the centers to show misaliangment. When the razor blade is straight both up/down and left/right the alignment is correct.


Wongster said...

Thanks for the tip, Glenn.

It's the process of moving the parts to align the tips of the centers. How I wish there are micro-adjustment mechanism on the axes of the attachment.