Sunday, June 5, 2011

Failed attempt in making the axles

A disappointing session tonight. I was full of excitement when I got home from work and dinner at about 9pm. Planned the process in mind during the day of getting the grooves at the right places with minimal deflection from the tool and the pin.

I started aligning the headstock to the 100mm pin after cleaning up the ends as close to the chuck as possible. They came dead accurate at 6mm throughout from the metal shop.

After fiddling with the arm of the DTI stand, I managed to get the DTI in position.

With the extra length on each end (the final length of the pin is slightly less than 60mm), I'm able to start the cut away from the tailstock.

The pin look a bit like a main gun of a tank with the extra bit after turning the 50mm section down to 4mm.

I was to quick to faced off the excess, not thinking that I would still need it to hold the pin while cutting the grooves to avoid deflection - mistake #1.

While I was adjusting the cut off blade on it's holder, the bottom part holding the blade chipped off. Too much force with tightening down the cap screws - mistake #2.

You can see from the pic (the whitish strip at the top of the photo above) that the blade cannot be fastened to the holder anymore...

I'm force to end the session without completing anything. Have to order another tool holder from Mike and at the same time, order the threading and grooving tool holder and inserts from him. These are rather costly. The little insert cost SGD32.20 each and the holder SGD73.50. Both before GST...

PN 2269 measures 0.031" (or 0.7874mm) where PN 2270 is 0.062" (double the size at the cutting edge). PN 2268 is the 60-degree threading insert. Good that the holder can take 3 different inserts. Otherwise, more $$$ out of pocket.

This is the holder I mentioned.

Dennis, if you are reading this. Looks like I'm not able to complete the job and lack the required skill to do it. I'll continue working on the axles but please find someone with more experience to get the required done. When I've mine done, I'll give them all to you - no charge. Not even the cost of the stainless steel. I owe this to you for wasting your time waiting. Sincere apology.

Ok, enough of the failure. Good news to me. Boss is granting me the next weekend off; both days!!! I plan to bring the children out for some movies, do some shopping, and... I'll try to think of some activities... maybe go blading with them. It was their uncle Douglas that has been bringing them blading while daddy spending time with strangers in showflats over Sundays and public holidays.

Time to wash up and sleep. Tomorrow another day at the showflat. Drop by to say hello at Terrasse if you can. A packet of coffee would be good ;-)

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