Friday, June 3, 2011

Nose Gear Stub Axles - Part 2

Though I reached home rather late tonight (10.30pm), I was determined to at least test out the idea given by Mike.

With the same setup from the previous session, I started cutting from the middle of the 5mm pin marking the start of the 4mm section till I've about 0.2mm to the final dimension of 4mm (for about 30mm). The tool post was then turned a little such that I can turn the shoulder square against the 5mm section.

The end nearer to the tailstock cannot be reached by the 3/8" tool, it'll be faced off later after the grooves are done.

The grooves were done next using the parting tool. The blade had to extended out more than my comfort level to have the QCTP clear the live centre body. I observed 2 problems with this setup: 1) flex in the part off blade, and 2) flex in the middle of the 4mm section. I should have try to use the steady rest close to the grooves to minimize flex in the job.

The job after cutting the grooves.

Next was to part off the unused part that was held in the collet.

This was easier than I thought. Expected some problems from my previous experience in parting off aluminum.

It's now passed midnight. Time to clean up. Long day tomorrow.

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