Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Handwheel Repair

Wanted to go back office to clear up my pile today while on medical leave. Fever came back in the morning forcing more bed rest and the medication caused me to feel rather light headed.

Got up again feeling restless, I walked into the shop to look at the newly assembled mill. I broke one of the handwheels a while ago and have been thinking of getting it fixed. I remembered the warning on all forums not to operate any machines while under medication. I reasoned that I can still do light milling safely.

After fiddling around to remove the stiffness in X-axis, I proceeded to drill out a slightly bigger hole to fit an M5 button head SHCS.

The hole was progressively enlarged till the M5 screw cam slide in easily.

A flat is milled at the back of the handwheel to allow the screw to be tightened flat.

Next, some threads were removed in the middle section of the screw so that the plastic sleeve can rotate freely. This took a bit of time as the screw kept wanting to move out of the 3 jaw chuck.

Two nuts were used in the assembly; one against the face of the handwheel to stop the screw from loosening, the other loctited at the tip of the screw. The plastic sleeve was also shortened a little to fit.

The handwheel mounted. Works rather well! Glad to be able to save some money for other more useful stuff.

From the experience of using the manual mill, I found it to be easier to feel how fast I need to feed the stock to tool. With more practice, I should be able to determine what feedrate to set for CNC operation.

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