Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Reassembling and Tramming

After being "unconscious" in the afternoon, knocked out yet again by medication, I was up feeling much better. I was actually being disturbed by the vibration of my phone; lots of missed calls and SMSes. Anyway, I'm awake. I returned all the calls and responded to all SMSes. Found myself back in the shop staring at the main mill that was in pieces. Decided to fix it up and tram it along the way.

This was how I left it previously:

I clamped a DTI in the vise and swept along X-axis.

Then mount up the column bed and swept it again.

The first time got me quite close and this time only minor adjustments needed.

The motor and spindle were them mounted. I fastened a 5" square in the vise and fix up the DTI in the spindle to align the Z to the table. First, the spindle up moved up and down with the tip of the indicator running along the square in the X direction to adjust the side tilt. This process is quite a pain as there is no micro adjustment available.

The forward/backward tilt was next. This was easier. Sherline provided a #10-32 SHCS at the back of the column for micro adjustment.

The tramming tool was used next for fine adjustments. With the A2ZCNC angle adjuster mounted in the on their spacer, adjustments along X is now much simpler.

This is not so along Y, which require the use of shims to square it up. Maybe I should workout something along the line of the angle adjuster.

Ok. Time to stop work. Will continue in the next session.

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