Monday, June 6, 2011

New Purchases

Just got back from Mike's with these:

The Sherline's QCTP with it's 3 tool holders and the optional 3/8" tool holder (far left). On the foreground is the slitting saw. I screwed up mine while using it to make the tramming tool.

What's not shown are the 2 replacement inserts. The 2 little carbide inserts, smaller than my finger nails, cost quite a bit - about $14 a piece.

It took me a while to decide buying the QCTP system from Sherline. Main consideration? Cost. It cost me more than twice the amount I paid for the A2Z version and with 1 holder less.

Sherline's system looks and feels more solid; having made of steel, unlike the A2Z's, which is aluminum.

I've also ordered the grooving tool and it's insert. These will only reach me in 2 to 3 weeks' time.

Meanwhile, I'm planning in my mind how I should approach the machining of the grooves on the axle, minimizing or if possible, eliminating flex (in tool and in the job). Spoke to Grandmaster Mike while at his shop. He suggested using a rotary tool to cut the grooves while the job spin in the lathe. Need to make a holder to mount the dremel on the lathe cross slide or to buy from mike the Proxxon IBE with the holder. Anyway, the IBE will only be in stock on Saturday. Will think about that.

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