Thursday, June 2, 2011

Stainless Steel Rods

I was meeting a business partner for lunch at our favorite hawker centre in Jalan Beseh yesterday. Popped over to the metal shop nearby before heading back office to buy 10 pieces of 6mm diameter stainless steel rods of 100mm long.

They are for the pins that I'm making for Dennis. I do have a long piece of 7.96mm dia stainless at home but to cut them cost me more than buying them cut to length. The 3 cuts I made using the Proxxon mitre saw cost me a brand new cutting disc... Wow... I never thought I would see such fast wear with my infrequent use of most of my stuff.

The only thing left to do now is to find time to do the work. My boss loves us so much that some of us are scheduled to be on duty on both Saturday & Sunday this coming weekend :(

I'll see if I've some time after my last appointment tonight. Very unlikely as it only starts at 7.30pm and expect to end around 9.

I'll pray hard for more time and no sacrifice in revenue.

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