Sunday, October 10, 2010

8-Direction Vertical Milling Column Upgrade

Finally found some time to install the new vertical column.  Collected it few days back from Mike but simply couldn't find time to do it.

I layout the parts on the kitchen floor the night I brought it home to visualize the installation.  Found some dings on the column top to my disappointment.  These are unlikely caused by rough handling during shipping as the packing was done rather well with few plastic cushions and newspaper holding the parts.

The dings on the column top at 3 spots.

Swing Arm Assembly. Notice the chipped edge...
Anyway, don't think that will affect the performance of the parts though I did't expect to see such from brand names like Sherline's.

The installation went smoothly as the Swing Arm came assembled.  This save quite a bit of limited shop time.

Installation completed.
 A vise was placed on the table to check if it clears the bottom of the table.  It didn't.

The Matchling vise is of the same height as the Sherline's screwless vise.
I removed the column bed from the clamping disk and found that the 4 screw holes holding the bed can be rotated 180 degree giving a better clearance.

Rotating the clamping disk works but...

The clamping disk is now the obstacle...
The objective of purchasing the SGD400++ 8-direction column is to do away with the A2Z spacer block for rigidity while still able to make full use of the long base.  It seems that I may need to buy the column spacer to lift the clamping disk out of the way.

My next project will be the Simple Ocillating Steam Engine.  I downloaded the plans from Steve's Workshop (  Steve is a wonderful guy.  I wrote to him with some newbie'ish questions on the materials, reamers, the BA standards etc.  He really took the time to explain to me what I need to know to get started.  At this moment, I'm collecting materials and tools in between appointments.  Hope to get started soon.