Friday, July 1, 2011

Purchases from Little Machine Shop

The Arthur R Warner Co. HSS inserts have finally arrived! Ordered them from Little Machine Shop (LMS) about a week or two back.

I started searching for HSS inserts after hearing from Tang Kee and reading about it on LMS. Just that I couldn't find the exact part number given on Sherline's site for their tool holders. I emailed Arthur R Warner Co. asking if they make HSS inserts that fit. Received a reply the next day with their recommendation. Unfortunately, they don't accept payment via Paypal and I'm not comfortable providing my credit card details via phone or email. Wrote to LMS with the part number given and was told they are able to order from Arthur R Warner for me at the same price! Now I'm able to use HSS on aluminum stock with inserts!!!

Included in this shipment is the cut off & grooving tool with HSS inserts, also made by Arthur R Warner.

Some pics to round off this post:

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