Thursday, June 2, 2011

Purchases from RDG Tools

I was buried in my work an hour ago when I received a parcel from Sing Post. It came all bundled up in layers of plastic bags and paper envelope. I ripped the wrapping apart to uncover a set of Transfer Punches.

I'm wondering if the smaller diameter pieces can withstand the knocks from the hammer... I guess it should.

I remembered the one I made from a piece of leftover steel rod. Think I chose the wrong angle for that one. The 60-degree point didn't allow enough of it's shank to be guided by the holes to make an accurate enough mark.

There were other stuff I ordered (2 pcs of 25mm plastic ball with M6 threads for the grinder rest I'm trying to make, a #0 MT revolving centre etc) which are not in the parcel. Guess they split the items up to reduce shipping cost.

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