Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Visitor to my shop

Terence, who commented in one of my posts, popped by my place on lunar new year eve.  He was here to pick up the ER16 collets as his order from CTC Tools has not arrived and he has his drill chuck adapter (3/4-16 to 3/8-24) is stuck on the spindle nose of the stock MT1 spindle.

After exchanging comments on this blog, we have been conversing via email, sms'es, and whatspp. It was in the afternoon of the Lunar New Year eve that I found out about the mishap he had with his MT1 spindle and volunteered to lend him the collets, knowing that he also bought the ER16 spindle.  I can understand the "pain" of not being able to play with some new toys right in front of you due to some problem.  Been there.

The meeting was a pleasant one.  First time for me of this nature.  He brought over some books passed down from his son who has outgrown them for my daughter and also an engraving bit with a couple of acrylic sheets.  The engraving bit and acrylic sheets were a pleasant surprise as I didn't expect such generosity from a friend met online only a couple days ago.  Thanks, Terence!

Engraving bit and acrylic plates

I'm glad that he visited.  We had a chat in my shop about the hobby and I took the chance to show off some of my collections (of tools acquired).  At least I know there is another freak in this county who understands what this freak is doing or trying to do.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for being so accommodating on Lunar New Year eve. I could have stayed in your shop whole day long just to learn from you.. haha..

As a hobbyist, shop time is limited, I have already plan the cut, if not for the collets you loaned me, I would just be staring at the Job.

Look forward to meeting up again..


Wongster said...

Hey Terence,

A pleasure. I understand the frustration. Been in the situation before.

Thanks for those books, engraving bit, and acrylics!