Saturday, February 26, 2011

A2ZCNC Leadscrews Upgrade - Fabricating the Z-Axis Stepper Motor Mount - Almost completed

This job seems to be forever.  Some progress today, though not very much.  At least the stepper mounting plate is completed.

I started the session wanting to complete the flycutter to be used with the ER16 spindle.  But the setup was done in the previous session 2 days ago for the stepper mount and I've only 2 screw slots to complete with this setup.  So I decided to finish up the stepper mount before moving onto the flycutter.

The slots for the 2 #8-32 SHCS are to allow the mount to be adjusted to accommodate the thicker A2ZCNC leadscrew and anti-backlash nut, allowing some bit of inaccuracy.  A 3mm endmill was used for the through hole slot and 5mm for the counterbore.  The 3mm endmill bought from Mike works rather well but I can't say much about the 5mm TiN coated from unknown origin.  It was bought from RightMicro, which also has a store on ebay.  The 5mm cutter chatter like no tomorrow with the same parameters as the 3mm.  But the simple job was done.

I tested the stepper mount and the anti-backlash nut mount with my spare column bed, which I replaced with the 15" bed from Sherline.  Seems to fit rather well.

Some pics as usual:

Running the gcode for the 2 slots

Good fit!
Testing with the stepper motor mount taken from the lathe
Leadscrew and anti-backlash nut mount installed
Nice...  May leave the mount as a rectangular piece to allow the installation of a home switch

I will be tweaking the anti-backlash nut mount a little to allow the spindle to go lower a bit more.  This will be some kind of extendingTang Kee's mod with Sherline's column travel extension.  Let's see how things turn out.

We'll be having our first meetup tomorrow (or should I say today since its 1.20am now...) at Mike's shop.  So far only 3 confirmed attendees; Tang Kee, Terence, and myself.  Steve didn't reply to my email on the invite.  He may be too busy with work.

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