Sunday, February 6, 2011

Simple Tramming Tool - Part 3

The tramming tool is now completed.  I ran into a little problem trying to tap one of the end of the shank.  The problem has been bypassed by using high strength loctite to hold the shank to the body.

I started this morning drilling a 4.2mm hole on the lathe to prepare to tap M5 at one of the end of the steel rod.  Drilling went on ok but the tap refused to go in.  It went in a little but the stock started to turn in the 3-jaw chuck a couple of mm's into the hole.  I tightened the 3-jaw further and turned the tap like no tomorrow, being careful not to break it.  The tap was withdrawn from the hole for inspection -no thread was seen except some mess in the little area I managed to get the tap in.  I was almost filling the hole with light oil hoping to get the tap to work.  It didn't.  I'm frustrated.  I went on to clean up the work area and the rod, and use the high strength loctite instead.  Will leave it to cure while I'm out to church before putting the tool in use.

While cleaning the work area using a magnet to suck up the swarf, I realized that it doesn't stick.  Mmmm.... I remember my good Irish friend, Hamilton, once told me about some steel with certain amount of carbon its composition has no magnetic property or something.  Need to dig out that email.  I posted my problem on MEworkshop list and gathered from there that the rod is stainless steel.

When I got home, the loctite seemed to cure.  The assembly didn't move while I tried to rock it hard.  The 2 indicators were mounted and the whole assembly went on the mill spindle using an 11/32" ER16 collet.  Just when I thought I'm able to tram the mill right away with the new tool, I realized that one of the indicators has a flat battery... I'll go get some later since we are attending a little boy's birthday party in the evening.

Once the mill is trammed, I'll be making another tramming tool with the indicators mounted on top rather than sides.  I feel so much more confident drilling with the mill than my drill press.  There must be something I didn't do right when using the drill press.  Got to find out the reason.

The tip of the tailstock dead centre has worn out after only one use.  Think I may have press it against the stock too tightly.  Couldn't help it as the stock came loose a couple of times.

If you look carefully, there isn't any thread being formed.  Thought I saw a couple but may have knocked them off when trying very hard to get the tap to turn.

Gave up tapping and use the high strength loctite instead, leaving it to cure while I was out.

The joint seems tough. Can't twist the shank off the body of the holder.  The 2 indicators mounted. A plate glass was used in the pic to rid the problem of the narrow table and tips falling into the slots.

I'll start tramming once I replace the battery in the DDI.  Will be back in completing the offsetted motor mounting plate for the Z axis leadscrew mod soon.

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