Monday, February 14, 2011

Flycutter: Turning the blank

Ever since I bought the ER16 spindle, I've been looking at the tools I've often use to make sure that when I switched over from the stock MT1 spindle, I won't be forced to switch back in the midst of a job and tram the mill.

Two tools were identified: flycutter and jacob chuck.  Some may add the 3 and 4 jaw chucks to the list but I've not seen the need to use them on the mill for what I've been doing so far.  To tackle the jacob chuck, I ordered a M22 threaded arbor blank from A2Z through Mike of SG Tooling, who is now their dealer in Singapore.  This arbor will be turned and threaded 3/8- 24 to fit the chuck.  I'll write about that when I received the blank.  For the flycutter, I've the necessary to get started.  So it will be the 1st of the 2.  I know that I've not completed some of the jobs I started, but its a hobby.  I flow with my feel...

The "plan" was from Dean Williams' build log, a wonderful site which I frequent.  Check out his site here:  Dean, thanks for replying to my email earlier today.

Anyway, some pics of my progress:

Using the Proxxon Mitre Saw to cut off a piece of 1" dia mild steel rod 2" in length. That's the max depth I can cut with this very worn Corundum-bound cutting disc.
Changed the worn disc to a brand new cutting disc but the new disc disc broke off from the arbor. 

Finished of the cut on the Proxxon vertical bandsaw.

The stock mounted on the 3-jaw for turning.
Turning to 10mm for the shank.
Flipped over to clean up the other end for the tool holder.
Look at what Tapmatic cutting fluid did to my chuck beside giving me a headache...
Chamfering the back to give it a better look.
Turning job completed.

This is where I stopped, after mounting the 3-jaw chuck to the angle plate. The angle plate was set to 20 degree.

I setup the job on the adjustable angle plate to mill or flycut at 20 degree.  It'll be slotted to hold 1/4" left hand lathe tool to be held by 2 10-32 setscrews.  I stopped here because I'm not sure if the setup is rigid enough.  So the question was posted on SherlineCNC group.

I'll put in some more work, hopefully completing this job tomorrow night, before I go back to work on the Z axis mod.

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