Thursday, February 3, 2011

Surface Plate

Finally, I took the plunge!  Don't know if I really need one or it is some thing that belongs to the "good to have" list.  I bought a surface plate!

It was a day before the Lunar New Year eve that my colleague, Andrew, and I went over to Kelantan Lane to have our really really late lunch after a series of meetings with clients.  He wanted to send me off to the train station but my wife told me to hang around the area as she is coming over to pick me up.

With some time to spend, I went window shopping.  It was supposed to be purely window shopping but I couldn't control myself to check out the surface plate.  Uncle Jimmy from Nanyang asked if I'm still interested in getting a surface plate when I reached the shop.  He said that they now have a 300mm by 300mm Taiwanese granite plate and can give me a slight discount.  I lost control and went for it with together with a bottle of Starrett Wax to maintain the surface.

The piece of rock is heavy.  I struggled with it and my bag when loading into my car when my wife arrived.  The wooden box (more of a small crate) is terribly made.  I'll have to see if I build one myself.

Its a pain to haul back from the shop

The stone within...

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