Sunday, February 27, 2011

Flycutter: milling the angled face

This was the setup I started with on Friday night:

Using Taig's ER16 to 3/4-16 adapter on the adjustable angle plate

Dean Williams and the guys from Sherline group are right.  This setup is too spindly.  The vibration and noise during cut was unbearable.  I stopped the gcode after a couple of passes to see if I can improve things a little.  The vise came to mind.

I hold the shank of the steel blank in the slot of the screwless vise and mount the vise on the adjustable angle plate.  This felt much more solid that using the ER16 adapter but I'm still in doubt: will the angle plate cause problem?

I started milling away with an 8mm endmill.  Feed was set very low at 60mm/min with spindle at around 500 rpm.  0.1mm was taken off each pass.  This took me almost 2 hours to mill away only 2mm worth of steel.  Painfully slow.  The vibration was still there and the spindle seemed to lift up every now and then.  Rigidity issue?  Time to upgrade to the Monster Mill Column?  I don't know.  I'm tempted.

Anyway, got the job done.  Surface finish sucks.  Some work needed later to improve its look.

One thing I found that put a smile on my face; the adjustable angle plate is quite accurate.

Now I'm left with the 2 slots.  One for the left hand tool and the other for the setscrews.  At this stage, I dread thinking of having to do the slots after what I've just been through.  There must be a solution to the problem encounted while milling steel.  I believe the sherline is capable enough to do the job easily.

If anyone knows of how I can do this better (milling steel on a little machine), please please please, leave your comments here.

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