Thursday, February 3, 2011

Simple Tramming Tool - Part 1

Before I can get on with the rest of my work, the mill needs to be trammed.  In my previous post, I created the model to give me a feel of the dimensions and how it should look when completed.

Mike of SG Tooling helped me to prepare a piece of square aluminium stock for the job.  What I need to do is to drill the mounting holes for M5 and an 8mm hole to mount a rod which will go into the spindle.  I encountered quite some problem with drilling the hole as the drill wondered despite having a centre punched mark.  Persevered through the job with one of the tap holes off centre.  Couldn't proceed further in fear of incurring the wrath of my beloved.

The stock measures 15mm square with both ends trimmed with Mike's help.

Measuring the stock to layout the hole locations. The height indicator was used on the glass table top before the surface plate followed me home.

Centre punched to avoid the drill wondering everywhere.

Still, the centre drill wondered around, resulting in off centered hole.  The hole is also not round.

Using the drill press to start the M5 tap.

Removed from the drill press to continue tapping by hand.

The 2 digital dial indicators mounted with M5 cap screws. 

This is how it should look like when done.

It may takes me awhile before I can get back to the shop to continue my work.  Don't think I've the blessing with this hobby of mine.


Anonymous said...


You have a well equipped shop, that alone is a blessing..haha.


Wongster said...

Amen to that! It'll be well equipped. I should be counting my blessings.

Was just feeling a little down when the shop is so near, there are things on my mind to execute, and yet I'm not able to do anything.

Do take some pics of your setup, your shop, and stuff you bought. Good to see how some folks do it locally.


Anonymous said...

not much of a setup now, as I will be moving soon. will do when I am done.