Monday, December 12, 2011

Video on SFM - simplest I can find

I was away with my family in Taiwan for the entire first week of my leave.  No time yet to be in the shop.  What I bring back from the trip? Sleeping on the coach from point to point, toilet breaks, and the jokes from the tour guide... sigh...  That's the pain of traveling around the country in 7 days...

Anyway, I found this series of videos from CNC Geeks on YouTube.  One of the videos talks about Surface Footage; a subject that I've never really understood.  I like to share it here:

I should be back in the shop these couple of days.  The golf game with my business partners has been tentatively planned to be on Friday.

This December, I'm back to my spending spree.  Ordered 5 sets of DROs from Quint Graphics via, a Mitutoyo Edge and Centre finder, a bottle of Dykem Layout Fluid, and now about to order a Digital Inside Caliper, some books and DVDs from Mr W. R. Smith on clockmaking.  I've also ordered a new Tailstock for my Sherline lathe as the current one is drooping when its spindle is extended.  No time to fix that on my own and so the new one.

I'll finish off the current project (Millie) and go back to machining the Z axis mounting to adapt the A2ZCNC leadscrew this week (hopefully).

Will keep you folks posted.

Have a blessed December.

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