Thursday, December 29, 2011

Preparing The Shop For The New Lathe

I was at Ikea earlier to purchase the Kitchen Trolley to use as the machine table.  This was what Mike uses in his shop for his display of the Sherline machines.  Decided to go for it after failing to find what I want.  Thinking that it may be inadequate for the PD400, I decided to let it be the home for the Sherline lathe.

The table is rather heavy. Bought 2 plastic boxes to replace the used drawing as metal storage.  The mat and the straws are for my wife.
The table was assembled in the living room as I simple do not have the space in the shop to fix it up. The wooden wheels can be seen from the pic; something I don't like.
The last piece of usable wall in the shop cleared for this.  The only thing I don't like about this spot is the air-con unit directly above the table.  Worried about leakage as the air-con is slightly more than 8 years old.
The Sherline lathe was relocated to its new home. The table was butted as tight as I can against the wall to minimize table movements.  I'll reinforce the joints with some steel brackets tomorrow.
This is where the new lathe is going to sit.  The surface is not very even.  Hope that I won't have the problem of the lathe bed twisted.
What a mess... Will do some cleaning up and rearrangement when the lathe is in tomorrow.  Not feeling too well to continue.
The messy shop from another angle. The yellow vac is a Kacher which I bought last Saturday from Homefix.
The Proxxon TBH Drill Press sitting in one corner.  The plastic drawers and the wardrobe (not in pic) are the last pieces of non-shop item that I failed to get rid of, due to lack of space at home.  I've a plan...
I've a couple of stuff to settle in the office tomorrow to close the year.  Will be back home to clean up the shop and reinforce the table while waiting for the new member of my family to arrive.  It will be exciting...  I'm sure I'll have another write up tomorrow.  Stay tune.

Meanwhile, got to get some sleep.  The medication I'm on is taking its effect...

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