Sunday, December 18, 2011

iGaging DROs Have Arrived!

While I was trying to figure out how to make my set of Sherline's parallels more parallel with its matching pair, my helper came into the shop saying "postman, postman...".  I ran out of the shop like a little kid running to receive his new toy and signed off for 2 boxes containing the DROs and an envelope containing the Mitutoyo Edge and Centre Finder.

I've always wanting to have linear scales on my mill and lathe but wasn't sure how I should install them.  Sherlineuser of the Sherline Group uploaded some pics showing his installation on both his machines and that blown me away!  After receiving some advice from him, I quickly ordered 5 sets from Quint Graphics through

Some pics taken showing off my new toys:

Don't understand why some pics where shown upside down but here are the 3 packages I received this late morning.
First, the Edge and Centre Finder.  This was indicated as Mitutoyo but nothing in the packaging or on the tool has any marking to show that except the invoice. The Edge and Center Finder has a 3/8" shank which fits my largest endmill holder.

The 24" scale came in a long box wrapped in bubbles.  This will be for the Z axis of the lathe.
The iGaging DigiMAG, as indicated on the box.  All features listed here.
Its specs as given. Accuracy indicated as 0.05mm per 6" and repeatability of 0.025mm.

The content of the 24" scale. The 4 sets of 12" scales have the same content except the bracket marked with the red circle.  4 3V CR2032 batteries are provided though only 2 are required in the DRO.  Good stuff!!!
The DROs group photo. The scale shown is the 12" version with the bag of mounting hardware and batteries.

The scales are longer than what I need.  Sherlineuser said that the scale can be cut to length on the bandsaw.  I'm planning for the installation right now and am rather careful with the process before drilling and tapping holes on my machines.  Just dropped a mail to Sherlineuser asking him for pics of his mounting points.  Hope to receive a reply soon.  This upgrade will help me greatly as I often get distracted while counting handwheel turns and catering for backlash.

The other items I ordered in the past few days:
- Nano-Tram for Sherline from Dan Kenner of Accudyne Corp.
- a set of 10 pairs of thin parallels (3" long) from Little Machine Shop
- a 6" Hermaphrodite Caliper from Little Machine Shop
- a Spillmaster Container from Little Machine Shop
- 4 books and 2 DVDs from W. R. Smith on clockmaking
- INCRA 3" Precision Tiny T-Rule
- iGaging 6" Inside Caliper from Quint Graphics
- iGaging 4" Steel Double Square from Quint Graphics

All the items except the books and DVDs from W. R. Smith should reach the VPost consolidation center in Portland Oregon next week.  They'll probably reached me early next year.  The books and DVDs will only be sent out when Mr Smith received the USD bank draft I sent him.

Plus the gift I bought for my wife and kids, I've spent quite a bit this month, not counting the cost and expenditure of the recent Taiwan trip with the family.  I've also bought myself a massage mat from Ogawa to smother my neck and lower back yesterday.  It seems necessary after playing on the walking course in Malaysia earlier the same day.  This is the first time I played on a walking course.  The turf-mate the caddie was on seemed tempting after the first nine...  This means that I need to start getting back in shape after laying off for some years...

Now for some rant:
I'm so far satisfied with the service from VPost though occasionally their postmen would just leave the collection slips under the door though I've someone at home (I may need to make a big "PRESS THE DOOR BELL!" sign for them).  It is rather troublesome for me to make time to drop by Sengkang's Post Office to collect the parcels.  This round, the Dykem layout dye I bought for marking seems to be stuck in their US consolidation centre.  I paid for the shipping together with the DROs and the Edge Finder.  Yet I don't see any update on their tracking screen for this item.  Nobody there even bother to call or write to me to highlight any issue.  My mail to them seemed to end up in twilight zone.  I'll lodge a complaint if I don't hear from them by Monday.

Its 1.30am now.  Time to hit the bed.  Otherwise, I'll be nodding at everything my Pastor says during service.

Have a blessed Sunday.

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