Monday, December 26, 2011

Igaging DRO - Z Axis (Partially Done)

I've been thinking about how to install the digital scale from iGaging since I received them last week.  Jimmy, aka Sherlineuser on Sherline group, replied in his email to me that he will send me more photos of the mounting point when he returns home this coming Thursday.  The itch is so great that I decided to give it a shot on my own, with the help of some photos posted by Jimmy on the group.

It has to be Christmas night that I matched 2 brackets that came with the scale that may just do the job.  I was a bit hesitant at first to start work as I need to put 2 tapped holes on the mill; one at the column base holding the Z axis bed and the other on the saddle.  The brackets supplied have slot holes that allow some adjustments.  These holes will provide me a certain degree of error show I screw up the hole location while drilling.

I started by fixing the 2 brackets together and on the reading head.  The screw used are a little too long but they're the only ones that I've that can fit into the holes in the bracket.  They will be chopped shorter later.
Getting my daughter to hold the assembly to the mill, I marked the spot to drill as accurately as I can.
Centre drilling the spot to prevent the drill wondering off.  You can see that I'm still not very good with the drill press - the hole is a little off.
Hole drilled with #21 to about 8mm deep.
Using the drill press to start the tap. I'm using the Lupromax Tapping Compound recommended by Chan Man Lee's sales staff.
The #10-32 tap was released from the drill chuck and a tap holder installed.
I freaked myself out when I realized that the tapped hole is too shallow for the shortest cap screw in my box.  2 washers are now filling the gap.

As I was dismantling the Z axis assembly to access the saddle for easy drilling, I realized that there may not be sufficient "meat" on the saddle to drill and tap the #10-32 hole.  I may get too close to the dovetail of the saddle and hit the gib or the hole may have too thin a wall at one part.  This stopped me from proceeding any further for fear of serious mistake(s) when the mind is tired.

While writing this blog, I started thinking about how I can solve this problem.  The only way I can think of at this moment is to use a smaller screw size and drill closer to the top of the saddle where the gib exits.  This is the part where the gib is the thinnest and the dovetail smallest.

I'll sleep on it and see what comes out in the morning.

Its 1.10am now.  Time to hit the bed.

Blessed Christmas.

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