Thursday, December 29, 2011

Arrival of PD400

Mike SMS me this morning that the Proxxon PD400 has arrived! I've yet to buy a table or stand for it being sick for the last 3 days. He'll arrange for delivery to my place tomorrow as both of us have some problem with our back. I went over to his shop to have a look as I've also some business to attend to in the other office opposite.

Some pics as usual.

The box is rather big. With the standard accessories that come with the lathe, I can bearly carry it up. It is heavier on the left side which is where the spindle is located.
This is Mike, checking on the splash guard and chip collection tray.  This tray is tougher than I thought. I'm glad I ordered it together.
Look at that! This one is a beauty... The lathe with a bunch of accessories nicely packed.
The spindle end.  The motor is quite big.  It has a spindle bore of 20.5mm.

The tailstock and cross slide. The tailstock has a MT2 taper. Strange that this pic isn't oriented the right way up when inserted here.
The 100mm 3 jaw chuck, chuck key, and drill chuck with B12 taper are part of the package.
Other Item I ordered with the lathe:
Parting Tool Holder and Tool
Cabalt HSS Steel 5 piece Cutting Set
3 piece Thread Cutting Set
Additional 3 pieces of Quick-Change Holder.  The package has 2 included with the Toolpost.
Travelling Steady
Fixed Steady.  This looks like the Travelling Steady from pic. I'll take another pic when it gets home.
Splash Guard & Collection Tray with the lathe mounted.
Radius Turning Attachment.  Always wanted one...
HSS Boring Tool Set. These are also for cutting internal threads.

(The pics of accessories shown above were either taken from Proxxon or Axminster website)

I rushed over to Ikea in Tampines after I settle my stuff to purchase the kitchen trolley that Mike uses at his shop.  The problem with this as table for the lathe is the 2 wooden wheels at one end of the table.  With the weight of the lathe, I don't know how long this table will last.  Therefore, I decided to go with Mike's suggestion of putting the PD400 on my current bench and use the new table for the Sherline lathe.

Now that I've done writing this post, I'll go fix up the table and clear up the shop to welcome its new resident.  Tonight, I'll go through the manual again to familiarize myself with the new machine.

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