Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Millie: Cylinder Mount - Another Failed Attempt

I spent quite a few hours on and off in the shop preparing the stock to redo the Cylinder Mount for the Millie.  I drilled the 2 1/16" holes through rather than just breaking through the 1/8" holes from the sides of the Mount.  When I was about to complete the job, I made the same mistake of drilling through again!!! What a fool I am!!! I was enjoying the drill cutting through the brass like it was cutting through butter not realizing that the mistake was committed only after going through the second hole... sigh... Got to start over again...  What a waste of precious shop time!

Anyway, some photos taken during the session.

Right on target!  I'm so glad!
On target again!  I'm feeling good...
Making the counterbore using a 3/16" endmill after drilling the 3/32" hole.
The 2 bigger holes done. The 2 1/16" holes will be next.
This was where I screwed up.  The 2 small 1/16" holes are no supposed to be through holes...

Quite some time was spent trying to prepare the brass stock to achieve certain level of accuracy.  This, from what I see from the plan, is not required as the dimensions of the stock are not critical.  I did it nonetheless to see how close I can get as a form of practice.  Besides, I was working only to 0.01mm (10 microns?).  Wait till you see the measuring done with the micrometer; the numbers wouldn't be that nice...

Anyway, I've to start over again with this...


Anonymous said...

Wong, looks good. You are now at the point to learn how to repair the oopsies. Even though I can appreciate the discipline of starting anew, I would just turn a couple of 1/16" plugs and sweat them in with solder. Then just file the back side flush and tell no one about it.
You'll be surprised how well the plugs will blend in and not show. If then you are still dissatisfied, go ahead and remake the whole part.
also, let me know at how I can help you with the Smith books. I have pay pal on another email account that we can discuss there.


Wongster said...

Thanks GeneK for your encouragement tip, and offer to help.

I found out that I can buy bank draft via online banking and the fee is only SGD 5. Think they earn from the spread.

On the plug, will soldering using those for electronics works?

Anonymous said...

Wong, 'electronic' 40/60 soft solder would work perfect. The engine will never get hot enough to worry about the solder failing. And that is exactly what I would use because I know where I put my roll of 40/60 solder.
I'm glad you got something worked out to get the book you want. If you ever think I can help with something just drop me a note and I'll see what I can do.


Wongster said...

I'm thinking of using Loctite. Since I've 2 pieces with the same mistake, I'll give each method a try.

Thanks GeneK.