Saturday, March 10, 2012

Making the drawbar washer

Of the six pieces of M12 bolts & cap screws I bought yesterday, only the two 150mm fit nicely with an allowance sufficient to add in a washer of sort. Of the 2, I like the socket head better as it is smaller in diameter and allow the gear box door to close properly.

The hex head bolt in use in this pic to test for suitable length from those I bought (150mm, 180mm, and 200mm). The 150mm work best. It can be tightened all the way yet can be loosen to allow a washer to be used with sufficient threads engaged.
In this pic, you can see that a washer is definitely needed to have the head centered in the bore. The hex head is not suitable here as I'll have to open the gear box cover each time I need to remove the collet chuck. The sock head would be more suited here for ease of loosening the hold of the drawbar using an Allen wrench.
The gear removed to properly measure the ID and OD of the spindle end to make the washer.
1" diameter steel stock is all I have for this job.
A section of about 40mm in length cut in the bandsaw.
The uneven end was first faced.
Removing the diameter to match OD of the spindle end. The OD OD the spindle is 24mm. My target size for the washer is 24.5mm.
A short section was then turned down to 20.44mm for a loose fit in the spindle bore. The spindle bore measured 20.45mm.
I stopped at 20.45mm and use sandpaper to bring it to the final size of 20.44mm.

This is where I stopped. Need to start preparing to go work. I'll be at the showflat at 3 Balmoral. Drop by with a package of coffee if you happen to pass by this way :>

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