Sunday, March 11, 2012

Bought myself a camera

After today's service, we went walking around Millenia Walk and saw Harvey Norman having running a road show at the concourse. I was attracted by the camera & camcorder booth and went over to take a look. 15 mins later, I walked away with this:

It's a 14.1 megapixels digital camera with quite some features packed into it. I was rather impressed with the close up shots demonstrated by the salesperson that I went ahead with the purchase.

The justification is simple; beside using it in the shop, it can be used when we have our family trips once or twice a year. It will not be a white elephant sitting in the drawer somewhere to rot.

Frankly, I quite like using my iPhone in the shop to take pictures. Simply because I can blog on the go without having to transfer the pics from the SD card. But with the full HD function, I may well start learning how to do video clips showing how I use my machines to make parts to draw criticism and comments. This may help me improve and hasten my learning.

Ok, I'm sold anyway. Do hope my justifications turned out to be true.

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