Sunday, March 11, 2012

Drawbar Washer

Work continues on the drawbar washer this morning, before leaving for church. I was left with the 12mm hole for the cap screw to go through and parting off the workpiece.
The chuck looks massive on the tailstock.
No. 3 centre drill was used here. I find that it doesn't drill as easily as the smaller ones I often use.
Starting the hole with a 10mm drill.
Then I realized that I don't have a 12mm drill... Being lazy, the 0.5" endmill was used.
Lots of chatter and I can feel the endmill being "suck" into the hole.
I really like this countersink cutter. Absolutely no chatter. All thanks to those folks at MadModder that recommended me this
Getting ready to part off.
I find parting off steel much easier than aluminum; I have not had problem of binding so far. To avoid chatter, I fed more aggressively.
Ribbon like swarf from the part off operation.
Part flipped around in the chuck to face off the excess, cleaning up its face at the same time.
Done. Would I get a better finish if spindle speed is increased? I was operating at 660 rpm.
The cap screw inserted to test its "fit". The hole measures 13mm. I'm leaving it as such as most dimensions are not critical. I just have to make sure the recess fits into the spindle bore with not too much of a wiggling space.
Here it is, for photo shoot. I'll test it on the lathe when I get home after dinner.
The ER32 collet chuck has been successfully installed on the lathe.  Now I've one more options available to use when turning.  You'll see it in use to make the 1/2 centre for the Set-Over Centre.

Time to feed on God's words.

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