Saturday, January 21, 2012

Removing Compound Feedscrew

I was told on Madmodder that the feedscrew on both the compound and cross slides should be removed when adjusting their gibs. That didn't occur to me when I disassembled them previously. There was this little key holding the feedscrew on each axis, which turn along with the turning of the handwheel. I decided to explore a little to see if I can remove it without it flying away and lost amongst the overpopulated shop.

From this pic, the little key can be seen on the feedscrew.

A plier was used to carefully ply it out of its slot. It wasn't that difficult.

The key out of its slot. Did not expect it to be rounded at the bottom.

The feedscrew removed from the slide. It was cleaned and oiled before reinstalling.

After cleaning up, oiled, and adjustments done, the slide was reassembled. Here, I was rocking the cross slide at right angle to the bed. Quite some moment registered on the Digital DI. No matter how much I tighten the gib on the cross slide, I'm not able to eliminate the moment - unless I lock down the cross slide.

Anyone ideas or suggestions to eliminate play on the cross slide, please drop me a note. TIA.

It will be Lunar New Year in 2 days' time. I'm was scheduled to be on duty on the 2nd day of the public holiday, much to my dismay. I believe those, like me, who are to work on the holiday will not be very happy. This is the time of the year where Chinese all over the world would get together with their families and friends. Now that we are made to work... I know that I'll not be in working mood.

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