Sunday, January 8, 2012

PD400 - Tailstock Locking Lever - Part 3

Work continues this morning with the objective of turning down 5mm off the diameter for a length of 30mm to receive the M8 threads. I realized, from yesterday's discussion over forum and yahoo groups, that the Proxxon tool set came with a HSS roughing tool. It was put into use and I'm amazed that the tool's geometry allows 1mm to be taken off in one pass (0.5mm depth per pass)! and the surface finish was as good. The job was done pretty quickly. The flip side of the tool is, I've to stop short of the shoulder of the bolt head and finish off with the right hand tool. No problem there as that's rather simple and quick to do with no real accuracy needed (the gripping part of the threads is at the end anyway). I've to stop work after removing the gears while noting the existing arrangement to prepare to cut threads. Wife brought back lunch and we need to get ready for church. The roughing tool in use. It cuts nice and fast. Notice the "slope" at the left of the turned length. It was cleaned up with the right hand tool. Cleaning up to square shoulder and turning to final dimension. Job done! The chuck end measures 7.92mm while the unsupported end 7.91mm over the 30mm length. Proxxon recommended spindle speed of 80 rpm for threading. The belt moved to the big pulley position for 80 rpm at stage 1 and 160 rpm at stage 2. Gears for threading taken off except for this one (labeled as 'L' in Proxxon's manual). I finally figured out how to loosen the but in front. The leadscrew has to be engaged and with one hand holding the handwheel, the nut was can be torqued out. Care was taken so as not to damage anything connect the leadscrew to the gear. Looks like I've to do a part 4 for this. Time to go to the house of my daddy God. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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