Thursday, August 11, 2011

More New Toys...

I was over at Church Street seeing a client this late afternoon. Popped over to Mike's place after the meeting since it is a stone throw away. Guess what? I left his place with my haversack stuffed till I hardly can zip up.

These are the stuff in the bag:

1) The Proxxon IB/E rotary tool, which Mike has been boosting about on it's 3 micron run-out. I'm planning to use it for engraving jobs.
2) The Right Angle Attachment for the Rotary Table to save me the trouble making one. The adjustable angle plate I have is a little cumbersome to use.
3) A cheapo Chinese digital caliper to make a poor man DRO (not very cheap at SGD29. But much cheaper than my SGD170+ Mitutoyo). Planning to mount it on the manual mill. Once I'm satisfied that it works, I'll buy 2 more for the other 2 axes.

I also received the iGaging digital depth gauge bought through Incremental Tools earlier today. Looks "plasticky" but for the price, I've no complain...

Seems that I'm still buying things to fill my shop but not making enough chips....

2 more days to end of work and to the start of my 2 weeks' leave!!! I'm really excited!!!

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