Friday, July 29, 2011

BobCadCam v24 - I did it again!!!

I wrote to BobCadCam asking the total cost to upgrade all my licenses from v23 to v24.  I indicated in the mail that I do not wish to be contact via phone due to different time zone, not wanting to be disturbed while I was asleep.  Their sales rep sent me a mail and we started emailing each other a few hours ago with my queries on my existing licenses.  He called after, saying that it is easier if we just talk.  A few minutes later, I made the payment via PayPal.

This round, I decided to try my hand at hammering down the quoted price, after reading much about this topic on the forum.

The sales rep started at a total of USD1,520, including shipping and custom tax (GST included, as I was told.  I'll verify this when the package gets here).  I went on my plan and managed to bring down the price to USD600, inclusive of shipping (USD480 for the software and USD120 for shipping & tax).  To think that I paid a total of USD1,600 the last time for the same set of stuff for v23.

These are what I'm getting for v24 (2 seats of everything):

1) Mill Pro, Lathe, BobArt;
2) Training DVD;
3) Simulation level 2;
4) Editor level 2.

For the v23 I bought the last round, I bought over a period of time (upgrading and adding on) the above plus the v22 training DVD.  The v23 training DVD wasn't available when I first started on the software.

I've them promised to deliver the package to me before I go on leave from August 15 for 2 weeks.

Frankly, I don't really know if I need the upgrades.  Maybe its the newer graphic and the few toolpath and features that attracts me to them.

Like I always like to say, let's see how things go.

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