Sunday, July 17, 2011

New tools

I stopped the previous post frustrated. So thought of putting something more joyful today, being a Sunday - my new purchases. This always perks me up.

These were picked up from Mike the last 2 days. You can see the grooving tool at the far left with the 2 inserts next to it. The little inserts, smaller than the size of my finger nails, are USD23 each (excluding shipping and tax). I did a few tests of the thinner one (~0.79mm) on stainless steel. It "peels" off the metal like when you are peeling off an apple with a sharp knife. It cuts better than the HSS insert I bought earlier but it is also more than double the price of the HSS insert (USD10).

The round block is the raiser for Sherline QCTP. This will help, together with the tailstock raiser (the one below the round block) and headstock raiser (not shown), to increase the size of the stock I can turn on the lathe.

The above came in mid last week from Axminster UK. Took them a month to reach me as the parcel was returned due to unsuccessful delivery. But the service standard of the company's staff was so good that I don't feel a bit mad. There are 3 chatter free countersinks and a stop jig for the straightedge clamp in this shipment.

I'm always happy when I buy things for my hobby; just like a woman on their shopping spree.

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