Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sad weekend

Got up early on Saturday to try out the Arthur R Warner HSS grooving tool I bought through LMS before my showflat duty at Seastrand. I was careful in my setup to make sure I've as little flex as possible in both the tool bit and the stainless steel pin. The circlip groove and the 3mm grooves turned out well and right at where they are supposed to be. Took a couple of pics and went on to prepare for work. I suddenly felt a pull on the lower part of my back, towards the left. Thought that it may just be the way I was standing over the lathe to tighten this and that and paid little attention to it.

The pain worsen and I was limping out of home. It's felt like spasm in the lower back. I couldn't stand straight and sit comfortably. Bear through the day and ended work at around 8pm when my colleagues asked me to.

My wife came over to pick me up to see a senseh. Spent an hour being "tortured" by the senseh. The condition didn't improve.

Now I'm lying on my bed typing this post on my iPhone. I've quite a long day tomorrow at work. Praying for miracle of instant recovery. July is another month where we are paid additional revenue for what we're bringing in. Can't afford to be down again. I could have done much more in June if not for the fever.

Ok, the 3
pics I took. Nothing much than testing of the grooving tool.

Using the Sherline thin parallel to ensure tip of tool at centre line.

First groove done. The tool was advanced by turning of handwheel to the next position. Gcode done for the ops but I want to ensure that I've flex down to minimum before going on CNC.

While cutting this 3mm wide groove, I can feel the flexing of the job as cutting came on and off though the tool was advanced consistently.

I'm planning to push the job into the collet leaving only minimum hang out.

For now, I'm banned from the shop. Quite boring lying on the bed for an active person (not in the sense of being active in sports but constantly wanting to work on something).

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