Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nose Gear Stub Axles

I hope that I didn't get the name of the parts I'm making. Dennis told me that it is some part of a landing gear on a R/C aircraft. From Dennis: "The pin is used to connect the landing retract assembly to the landing gear leg that the wheel is fixed to, so there is one pin for each retract / landing gear leg." Thanks for the info, Dennis.

I managed to do some work before being interrupted by phone calls. Short of the flat, which I intend to do on the mill, the rest of the features were completed.

I started with cutting off 2 pieces of stainless steel of 80mm length, 7.96mm in diameter.

Using the 3-jaw, one end was faced.

After turning a section to 5mm.

Nice looking chip...

Cutting the groove using the part off tool. I screwed up this one. Supposed to be 3mm but I made it 4mm...

Facing the 4mm diameter end to length. The groove at this location is for circlip.

Comparing with the sample. The flat will be done later on the mill.

I started planning for my approach on the 2nd piece (which will be considered the 1st as I boo boo'd on the one I just completed, or almost complete). Th plan is to use the ER16 adapter with collets instead of the 3-jaw chuck, supported at the end with the revolving centre.

Less prone to flexing of the job, especially when it gets smaller in diameter. But the 3/8 shank of the holder couldn't reach the end of the job. How I wish the new revolving centre I ordered from RDG Tools UK can be delivered to me the day I put in my order. It has a longer point which I think can solve this problem.

For now, it's tilting of the QCTP.

Ok, 5mm diameter across a length of 65mm done.

Got to stop here as my dad has arrived to pick us up. Going over to the Singapore Food Expo where his company has taken a booth. This is a yearly affair which my daughters enjoy serving up samples of their grandpa's products.

Ruth serving up the little sample cup of pudding while daddy laze in one corner writing his blog...

I hope to get back to work when I get home. Long day at showflat tomorrow. Lots of work to clear on Monday. When is my next session after tonight??? Sigh...

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