Sunday, May 22, 2011

Brass Torch

I meant to post this build log when I made the LED brass torch a year plus ago. But for whatever reason didn't make to complete the write up. So here is a mix of what was written then and added on now.

I stumbled across this fascinating site while searching for interesting projects to practice with. The site owner, John Somers, is a kind soul. I wrote to him to ask him about the brass torch and he forwarded me the plan on the smaller version and guided me along with the construction.

The originator of the brass torch is Ralph, aka Divided Head; another nice guy I met on the Mad Modder forum.

Enough said, now some photos.

The hand drawn plan provided by John.

Starting with brass stock of slightly bigger than 15mm dia

Sidetracked to make a die holder to cut the threads on the brass stock.

The tailstock die holder in use.

Threads completed. O-ring glued on. The metal surface is slightly below the O-ring to create an open circuit in normal position. When screwed tight against the mating half of the brass torch, the brass beneath will touched the button battery terminal closing the circuit.

The halve housing the LED completed. The inside was tapped M10 to match the male threads.

Test fitting the threads. Right on.

Innards done, it works!!!

and now for some detailing - knurling.

and the hole for
keychain to fasten to.

All done, except I didn't have any keychain with me to see how it looks.

I gave this to Jay, my god-son. It was quite a fun project to do.

Thanks to John and Ralph.

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