Friday, May 27, 2011

My new project

Nothing to write about this project at the moment till I start working. Picked up the sample of a pin for R/C aircraft from Mike this afternoon with some drawings while I was over at the other office of ours. Someone Mike knows contacted him to machine the pins with some features on each. I'll take photos of the sample when I get home. For now, the drawing Mike forwarded:

I'm supposed to make 3 sets of 2 pins each with slight difference. The circlip groove is only 0.7mm wide. The width of my part-off blade is 1mm. I was told that that's fine. Will put in the dimensions after measuring the sample with my trusty Mitutoyo digital caliper.

Mike suggested writing codes to do the repetitive part of the job. But I'm thinking of machining them manually. More confident of getting the required accuracy turning the wheels by hands. Maybe after I tune up the lathe...

Hope to put up my progress soon.

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Admin said...

I agree with you fully about your assessment of the nose gear to keep it intact. This is a good start! Cheers to your progress!

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