Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mill in pieces...

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My mill was spun out of alignment when I was fabricating a new holder for the 2 indicators trammer. When brooding over what I can do to solve the problem, recent posts on the Sherline group caught my attention. Christopher Brown suggested that the mating surfaces of the column should be wiped down with acetone to remove any oil or grease. I happened to purchase a bottle of 3M Adhesive Remover from Popular a week ago, not knowing what I would use it for at the time of purchase. So I started stripping down the column to clean up the parts.

The motor and spindle was first removed.

The column bed was next

The arm and round base taken off

Dismantling the rotating disc that holds the bed.

The pieces after a good wipe down with 3M Adhesive Remover

The arm after wiping down

I'll be putting all parts back together slowly, indicating and squaring them as i go along. I was wondering if it make sense to use paper between the mating parts to provide some bite.

Anyone with any suggestions, please drop me your comments.

Ok, it's 3.55 am now. Timeto turn in (what feed and speed? Pardon me. I'm being lame again...). Showflat duty awaits...

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