Sunday, May 22, 2011

Grinder Rest - 3D Model

I've been looking around for a grinder rest ever since I acquired the Taiwanese grinder.  Freehand grinding of my lathe tools or using the little rest that came with the grinder didn't work well with me given my "superb" skill.  While looking for the item, I ran across this photo log of a gentleman on the  He mentioned that his modified build is based off Harold Hall's design in his book "Milling: A Complete Course" (Workshop Practice Series No. 35).  I've that book but it looks beyond my capability.  But that brought me to my attention of the other book that I've in the same series - No 38 Tool and Cutter Sharpening, by the same author.  It has plans and photos of a simpler version.

As of all my projects which involved more than one parts, I drawn them up on the trusty 3D CAD program to provide some visual.

This is what I ended up with:

Front view
From the bottom. Where do I get the 25mm plastic ball with M6 hole...

Quite a few parts for me and it is made in steel.  My experience with steel on my Sherline has yet to be good.  Maybe after the cleaning up and tightening of a few things on my mill can changed that.

Let's see how soon I can get to work.  If everything goes well, I should be on leave for a couple of weeks in June, my usual month for taking a break other than December.  This June, I will not be traveling with my family due to Alicia's preparation for PSLE end this year, except a couple of games with my business partners and friends in JB to clock my 3 to 4 sessions a year on the course to dig up some holes, lose some balls, and get myself all beatened up.  But hey! I proud that I still able to maintain my greater than 100 but less than 110 score without practising in the range or play often enough.

Ok, time to prepare to go to work.  A client is coming by to meet me at the showflat later in the afternoon.

Until next time....

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