Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Trip down Kelantan Lane

The title sounds like a trip down memory lane...

Ruth and I made a trip down to Ban Heng Long to get some wooden boards to replace the boards for mounting the mill and lathe. It's always fun to have Ruth along with me while I shop at Kelantan Lane.

While there, we saw this:

Ruth insisted that I take a pix of the "dead squirrel". She is so funny. Wanted me to pick the dead rat... No way darling...

At Ban Heng Long, I ordered 2 pieces of plywood 18mm thick as they do not have hard wood of the sizes I want. The plywood boards are laminated on one side to keep oil and coolant off. Also bought for TK some MDF of various sizes.

The man at work cutting the board to size on a shop made saw table:

Interesting to see the guy using blocks of wood as guides. Adjustments of the distant to saw blade was done by stacking the wooden blocks.

These are the stuff I bought:


A trip to MacDonald's for fries and coke ended the outing with my little one.

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