Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 3

Dad looks much better today. Think he is getting used to the tubes in his throat & nose. It broke our heart to see him strapped down to the bed. Bad night for him and all of us yesterday. Yesterday was also the first time I broke down after almost 30 years. It just came while I was driving home.

He is very worried about the operation later. That will be his third in three consecutive days. He is also worried about granny. Communication was done via marker & paper. The last instruction to my brother surprised us; he asked if my brother has fulfilled the order for their client, remembering even
the address. This man is sharp!

I'm praying for His Shalom on him, that he rest in His peace while all required are done on him.

We are now waiting for the doctor to tell us what time will the operation starts. She'll brief us at 4pm.

There is nothing we can do now but pray and leave dad in God's hands.

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