Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 4 - morning

We had a feast late last night, celebrating my dad's recovery. He was enjoying the Lord's shalom and comfort. Pastor Chris came by yesterday. She shared with dad the Good News. We prayed and worshipped the Lord in the ICU, partaking the Holy Communion. Dad slept with peaceful look on his face.

My cousin, a doctor with another hospital, read dad's record and told us that dad's condition is stable, confirming what the Lord has placed in our heart. We're rejecting all bad news in His name, claiming ALL His promises. If His Words is not truth, what else is?

We'll be talking to the doctor later. We believe the tubes that in his mouth, down to his throat, will be remove today. He will be able to eat, talk, and celebrate with us. This will all end in jubilee though it started with us almost losing him. God is faithful. For all He is giving us, He gave freely. It's up to us to claim all the blessings He has already provided. The price was paid in that ONE ACT.

Praise Him!!!

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