Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hemingway Set-Over Centre: Checking Centre Height

This is a short post for GeneK :-)

From the top.  Of course, adjusted true using the Slide.
From the side. Not really a perpendicular shot.  I think I got it very close to the right height.

I didn't really make sure that the top edge of the Set Over Centre is parallel to the bed.  It was set by eye-balling.  Should be alright.


GeneK said...

OK Wong, blame it on me, but that looks very good. It does me good to see you younger guys get started and growing in machine work.
I was sure with all the care you have taken it was done well.


Wongster said...

Lolz... Gene, I can't thank you enough for all your help.

Was just being lazy to remove the chuck on the spindle to do the much needed check. The stress at work makes me just want to go home and do nothing...