Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Trip to Chan Man Lee

I'm planning the building of the Set-Over Centre from the kit I bought from Hemingway Kit in UK. This tool allows tapers to be cut by offsetting its half dead centre at the tailstock end. Good for my type of tailstock, which is fixed.

Provided in the kit are some steel pieces, a MT2 taper, 2BA, and BSF screws. Given my limited experience and skill, I'll be following the plan as close as I can. That started the hunt for BA & BSF taps & die.

The kit came in 3 bubble wrapped of steel stocks, fasteners, MT2 arbor, construction notes and drawings in a clear plastic pocket.

The content being laid out.

Prior to going down to CML today, I searched at hardware shops in the neighborhood. None of them sell these type of taps & dies, only metric & some imperial type are available. While at the mechanic's, I called up CML and was told that they've the whole range.

Good service, as usual, was encountered at the shop. Had a good chat with the guy by the name of "Ah Hoe" (hope I got his name right). Left the shop after 1/2 hour with a box of stuff of almost SGD200.

The content of the box: 2BA tap & split die, 5/16" BSF tap & split die, die holder for 2BA, 5.1mm & 6.4mm dia drills (1 of each), 7mm dia 2 & 4 flute endmills (1 of each), 1/2" Jacobs chuck & MT2 arbor, cutting oil for steel.

Before I start my build, I'll be reading the construction notes a few more times and visualize the process of manufacturing the tool in my mind.

That's all for today. Have a blessed Saturday.

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