Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mitutoyo Height Gage

The Taiwanese height gage I have has been giving me problem with its erratic readings. I stripped it apart a few times to clean up whatever I could find that appear foreign and it'll work for that session in the shop. In the next session, it went crazy again. This prompted me to search for a more reliable brand with a price tag that won't hurt too much. The search landed on the Mitutoyo 570-312. Next was to find out if it's available in SG. Mike had me call Region Supplies, which quoted me $628+GST. Mike found another source at much lower price (slightly more than $100 cheaper) but its waiting time of 4 months is a little too long for me. When I was at Chan Man Lee last week, I brought this up to Ah Hoe and he immediate gave Region Supplies a call. He was quoted $561+GST. I jumped in after talking to Mike.

The huge box the gage came in sitting on an empty table in my office.

The box was rather well padded to protect the gage.

I didn't expect it to be bigger than the Taiwanese gage.

In fact, it is taller by quite a bit. I like the large handwheel for height adjustment. It turns rather smoothly. I've to also admit that was attracted to this model because of its colour. It is a 12"/300mm, digimatic absolute gage with 0.0005"/0.01mm resolution and accuracy of 0.0015"/0.03mm.

Standing it to the lathe. I used it (with the brown paper removed of course) to measure the tool height from the bed and compound slide. The large base stood steadily on the bed when I was doing the measuring.

It is now standing on its home, which is the granite surface plate. I actually prefer something smaller like a 6" version but the 12" is the smallest they have.

It'll be put into actual when I mark out the slider of the Set-Over Centre.

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