Monday, February 27, 2012

Arrival: Epicycloidal Wheel Cutter & Book

Seem like I can't stop buying... My purchases from Ian T Cobb of UK has arrived.

The cutter is a P. P. Thornton 0.8 module epicycloidal tooth form cutter. It is rather expensive, at £67.50 excluding shipping. Thank God that the WR Smith's Skeleton Wall Clock requires only one type, otherwise, it'll cost too much for something that will wear from use.

The J. Malcolm Wild's book came recommended by 2 gentlemen; GeneK and Mr Cobb. From my initial flipping through, I like the book already. The illustrations and photos are very clear and the style of writing simple to read. Now I wish the book from George H. Thomas was written in similar manner...

I'm expecting more things to come in the mail in the next few weeks; another book on clock making (recommended by GeneK), some measuring and Morse Taper stuff from CTC Tools, and a iMach3 Pendent from VistaCNC with accessories.

Time to hit the bed. Long day tomorrow with appointment starting at 9.30am.


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