Friday, October 28, 2011

Crazy Month

It is finally ending with 1 more working day on Monday. It has been a crazy month. First with my dad's health and second, with me covering my buddy who went for his holiday in Europe.

Dad is recovering well. He had his last ops last week and was discharged on Tuesday. He is still feeling a little weak but I believe God will nurse him back to health. This old man of mine is tough!

My buddy will be back in the country on Sunday. Hope he'll be back in office on Monday though I don't think that's likely; some adjustments may be needed due to jet-lag. Then, it'll be the adjustment from holiday mode to work mode; kind of tough especially towards the end of the year.

I was passing through Mike's shop 2 days' back. He reported that my order from Proxxon may only arrive after the year ended. I was kind of disappointed to hear that as I was hoping to spend some time in December getting to know the new lathe. I'm praying for miracle...

The little manual mill seems to be pretty well squared up after spending numerous hours over several weeks adjusting it. I want to get started machining the parts for Millie, which looks the simplest engine for beginners like me. I've converted the dimensions from imperial to metric. Some adjustments will still be needed to ensure that mating parts are within tolerance. All this are being done on the notebook using CADCAM software. I really want to start work tomorrow but I'm feeling the strain; the produce of the crazy month.

Alicia's 12th birthday is coming (October 31). I bought her a Nintendo 3DS 2 weeks' ago as her birthday gift. She is asking us to fund her party with her classmates after school on Monday at Swenson. Thought I've already given her what she always wanted? Kids these days...

We'll have Japanese buffer dinner with the family to celebrate her birthday tomorrow. I'm hoping my dad and granny can join us. There'll be 16 of us, 2 families (including my in-laws), getting together chatting away. This will cost me quite a bit, but for the family, it's well worth the money.

This post should mark the end of non-machining topics. My next one will either be on my work making the Millie or continuing with the z axis leadscrew mod for the bigger mill.

Stay tuned.

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