Thursday, September 30, 2010

Job Done!!! Finally...

I wrote the previous time that I was tasked to do 6 pieces of a bottle shaped part in aluminium.  Robin, who tasked the job to me, told me that they're pesdestals to mount model ship to a base.

Managed to find time tonight to complete the balance 3 pieces.  It was a struggle and a race against time as I'll be involved in some events at night for the next 2 days and will be doing full day showflat on Saturday.  Thank God that out of the 5 pieces of round stocks I bought, only one ended in the scrap bin waiting to be recycled.

From the exercise, I started to have a feel on how zeroing is done.  The only thing left not solved is the answer to the parts being undersized.  I've a feeling that it is due to backlash on the leadscrews.  Though the job has ended, I'll be doing one test when I've the time - to increase the distant the tool retracts so that backlash is taken up before moving back to the cut.  I'll post my result here.

Not many pics taken this session as the focus was to get the job done within the session.

6 pieces of aluminium stock 25.4mm in diameter and 60mm in length.  Bought them at Kelantan Lane for $2 each.

The stocks were flycut on the mill. I went for the same setup previously with a piece of vee block clamped in the vise.  This is much faster than facing the ends on the lathe.

Couldn't figure out why this happened.

 All done!  Hope the less the 0.2mm in height will not affect Robin's use.

7 pieces of stocks for 6 pieces of work.  The bigger piece in the centre was the 40mm piece bought for making the die holder.  Quite a waste to use it for this job but I ran out of material when I first started this job...

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