Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Tools

I've been shopping online recently.  Including the outlay for the coming holiday, I'm over budget. But... I'm happy :)

Three of the five shipments came in last week, while I'm away in Melaka, Malaysia.  Took some photos to show off here.  The fourth shipment, by far the most expensive of the lot, is on its way.  Hope it reaches me before I take off to Hong Kong for my family holiday and at the same time, to pick up my fifth purchase.

So, what did I buy exactly?

ER16 Adapter with 3/4-16 threads. This is from Carter Tools.  Good support and prompt replies.  Very pleasant experience dealing with Carter despite the low priced item.

Precision Tooling Plate from High Tech Systems. Mounting holes and the slots at the back need deburring. Derick has also been prompt with his support.
Deburring the mounting holes with a countersink bit. No many holes.  So not so bad.
ER32 (per review on CarterTools.com) collet chuck from Beall Tool Company.  Ordered as a set with some imperial collets with a set of nice looking brass hinges for a good friend of mine.  Not much of a service to talk about as only one of my questions was answered.  Couldn't tell me if its really an ER32.
Front view with a collet mounted.  Look at its size relative to the lathe spindle.  It is mounted on the lathe with the 3/4-16 threads.  Have not tested the run-out.  Maybe after my holiday.
The fourth shipment contains the precision leadscrew upgrade for all my axes on the mill.  Tim of A2ZCNC has been rather helpful with my questions.  The order includes the 3 leadscrews, 3 anti-lash nuts, a saddle, and 3 gibs which Tim said are more superior than the stock gibs from Sherline.  Bought a bottle of #2 Way Oil which was said to be a better lube for the moving parts.

From the installation manual I downloaded, X and Y upgrade look simple enough.  Z requires some modification to make it work.  Tim was kind enough to throw in the adapter to offset the stepper motor mount to fit the new leadscrew.  I'll need to fabricate the mounting required to move the axis.  Plans and photos are downloaded from Graham of Sherline Group.  Hi Graham, thanks for the idea and plans!

The last purchase will be picked up from CTC Tools' office in Shatin, Hong Kong.  This will be my 3rd purchase from Haine.  This round 19 pieces of ER32 collets (metric) from 2mm to 20mm, a 2nd digital dial indicator (1" travel) to make my very own tramming tool from Bogstandard (John) build log on Madmodder.net, and a set of inside/outside radius gauge (1mm to 6.5mm radius).

Come to think about it, I've been buying but have not been building much things.  Need to have that in my new year resolution; to build more stuff and cut down on spending (though I enjoy buying... good form of stress release).

That's all for now, little one needs her milk and daddy is going to make her a bottle...


Luiz Ally said...

Hi Wong!
Thanks for sharing your blog with all!
Nice photos too.
I'm happy to see your job.
Regards Luiz Ally
Tryally Brazil

Wongster said...

Hi Luiz,

Good to hear from you. I was hoping to learn more from you. Yet to find the courage to start building your low profile vise and your many other innovations.

When are you ready to ship your products?