Monday, December 13, 2010

A2ZCNC Leadscrews upgrade - The Shipment

Just when I thought I could only receive the shipment after my trip to Hong Kong, it arrived in my office today morning.  Took the chance to swing by to pick it up while going to 313 in Orchard Road with the family and mother-in-law.  The well packed box was sitting on my desk awaiting my arrival.

Well padded. No loose parts moving around in the box during the ride back.
After peeling off a thick layer of "onion skin", here lie the contends

The tubes are for the precision leadscrews.  I'm impressed! The screws I bought from Sherline were merely wrapped in brown papers.  Guess the price paid made the difference.

The rest of the parts out of their boxes.  The tube on the lower right is the Way-Oil.  The Gibs were said to perform better than the stock ones.  Both recommended by Tim of A2Z.

Anti-lash Nuts.  Spring loaded to take up backlash.  Some parts look a little worn.  They may be just tear-out, inflicted during testing.  Hope they work fine.

3 views of the saddle.  Look SOLID.  The blue colored strips are of the same material as the ones on the Gibs.

The adapter for the stepper motor mounts.  3 were provided of which 1 was given free of charge.  May not be using it on the Z-axis as that may require me to change the dimensions of the mounting driving the Z-axis saddle.  The plans were downloaded from Graham of Sherline Group.

I'll be leaving the country for the next 4 days starting tomorrow.  Hope to have sometime during the coming Saturday to install the precision leadscrews on the X and Y axis.  Z will have to wait as the backlash nut mount has to be fabricated first.  I'll be away again next Monday and Tuesday.  So little time yet so much to do.....

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