Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Beginning

Well, it is not exactly a new beginning.  I've been wanting to put what I am doing and did online to track my progress into the relatively new hobby of mine - metalworking.

A little intro is in order I guess.

I started getting interested in metalworking a year odd ago when I was searching for a solution to etch circuit board.  I was trying to learn electronics by building various silly circuits like LED Dice.  The basic theory which I learned in school was "returned" to my teachers many years ago and I thought that learning by doing helps to keep it interesting.  My first circuit was very crudely made with lots of wires running around.  So I thought of etching my own board to make it neater.  Too bad I couldn't find anyone willing to sell me etchant due to some controls in the country.

The idea of cutting out traces came in mind and I ran out to purchase a dremel rotary tool.  The attempts in milling out traces by hand with the tool failed badly.  Further search online led me to CNC machines which I went on a big round before settling to purchase my first CNC-ready mill - The Sherline 5410.  Stepper motors, control drive, and softwares were shipped in.  The rest are history.

I'll start this blog with what I did (failure and success), things I bought along the way, and things I'm working on ever so slowly due to lack of time and space.

That's all for now.


Anonymous said...

Hi wong, i've been reading your blog just a few days and i think it's very helpfull what you are doing there, as same as you i've been getting into this hobby , unfortunally is a very very expensive hobby, my wife is always checking the bank account, haha she does not think i'm smart enough to pay in cash for some tooling, haha. I'm the devil... a few years back i had alcohol problems, but when i stared making things with these little machines i got into a new world and discover a talent i didn't know i had, from there i haven't touch a single drop of alcohol and feel great.. is very impresive what you can acomplish with the right tools, well just want to say that, i' ll keep looking at your proyects, keep the good work.
Best Regards.

Wongster said...

Hello George,

Thanks for dropping by. I'm glad to hear of the change in your life.

Do visit my sit at I've moved and hardly visit this blog anymore.

Do share your work too!