Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Home Shop

It had been a hectic month at work but it all ended today with the close of the month.  Thought I would have some time to spare in my shop and was happily planning to complete the QCTP holder.  But some household chores got in the way, eating away precious shop time.

Since no time was spent in the shop, I've put up some pics of how my converted study looks like.

Before... Quite a mess...

Finalised drawings from my friend who is a contractor.

Bench area for PC, drill press & laying out.

Bench space for the machines
The mill & lathe in place
It is very much in a mess now than shown in this pic


Unknown said...

Hey Wong,

nice setup.

I may imitate it when I start setting up the shop in my new garage...


Wongster said...

Hello Tom. Thanks! More shelving below the bench and racks above would be better. Do take some pics when you get there ok?